French - 28 Years Old


  • Address : 29, rue Anjela Duval, 22190 PLERIN (FRANCE)

  • Tel : +33 (0) 6 64 30 15 67

  • Email : danny.darocha@gmail.com

  • Skype : dannydarocha

Work Experience

Freelance | Consulting | International | Since 2018

Business and Marketing Consultant


I created my own consulting company to help and support companies to grow with my business and marketing skills.


Right now I help more than 5 companies on a daily basis in different fields (High risk processing, food, beverages, construction, real estate...).

I help them to :

  • Create and manage their websites,

  • Improve their digital visibility with SEO and SEA,

  • Create their marketing tools,

  • Manage their social networks

  • Make good decisions on investments

  • Find new brand names and create logos

  • Open subsidiary division in other countries

During those missions, I had to travel a lot and to work with many people from different cultures :

USA, Puerto Rico, Belize, Colombia, St Kitts & Nevis, France etc...


Facebook | Social Network | Lisbon | 2017 - 2018


Global Marketing and Customer support advisor


During that job, I was the first of my training team to move from the basic French team to the VIP team where we take care of bigger customers in a fast-paced environment. My missions were for both Facebook and Instagram platforms to :

  • Provide support to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to help them grow across multiple channels - chat, email and phone;

  • Support and expand the self-serve advertising base for SMB clients in the online and digital advertising domain;

  • Provide pre and post-sales support for all self-service products;

  • Provide product and tool support to enhance clients’ experience; 

  • Identify trends and solve problems facing multiple SMB clients;

  • Resolve customer issues in a timely manner, pro-actively communicate to clients on progress and pro-actively identify areas where clients can improve usage of our solutions.

  • Provide vital product insights and feedback from our customers to engineering.


DigyCab | Digital solutions | France | 2016-2017



Founder and CEO


I created a solution that modernizes vehicles and entertains passengers of taxis during their trips. The system installed on the back seat of the car is a tablet with a lot of features giving information about the city, activities, national news and many more...

It allows also advertisers to display their ads in the taxi to target travelers and everyone who are getting in the cab.

My team spent a lot of time and investment developing our management information system that controls all our screens.​​

Youdiiz | Mobile app | France | 2014-2018



Founder and CEO


I created a Mobile app on iOS and Android that gives users discounts in a lot of stores of their cities. I launched this app in the 4 biggest city of Britanny in France.

After 2 years of activity, I went from 1 service to more than 10 provided to my customers, I also made :

  • + 50k of revenue


  • + 80k website visits

  • The app was rated +4.8/5 on the platforms by users

Dialie LLC | Payment Software | USA | 2013-2014



Sales & Marketing Operations Manager


On the behalf of the CEO, my missions have been varied. I imagined and created multiple marketing tools, managed and lead a team of 4 persons in order to get the best results and reach the goals set by the CEO.

I was in charge of more than 200 customers of the data base and i signed more than 50 new contracts in different cities (Chicago, Miami, New Orleans).

During my studies, I also did an Internship in a Bank

and another one in a Cash and Carry structure


  • Bachelor Degree | International Business and marketing | 2011-2012



Marketing Strategy / Communication / Import-Export / Sales / Negociation / Management

  • Associate's Degree | Sales and Communication | 2008-2010



Sales / Negociation / Management / Communication


  • Customer support

  • Social Networks

  • BtoB & BtoC Sales

  • Business development

  • International Business

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Sales Strategy

  • Project Management

  • Leardership

  • Team Management

  • Results-driven Culture

  • Graphic Design

  • Print & Web advertising

  • Web Design


  • Microsoft Office

  • Google Suite

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Premiere

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe After Effect

  • Wordpress

  • Shopify

  • Prestashop

  • WIX

  • GoodBarber

  • And many more...




    • Football - Workout - Running - Swimming - Snowboard 


    • Travelling - Movies - HighTech - Start-up Entrepreneurship - Video editing


    • French - Native

    • English - Good level

    • Spanish - Beginner

    • Portuguese - Beginner

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